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The Facts about Free Music Downloads For iPod

Ever since the iPod took the market by storm, a lot of people started downloading music from the internet for free. Free music downloads for iPod Nano are so popular these days. The sad thing is most people downloadded the music on their Ipod from illegal Ipod download sites. You have to consider the fact that downloading music from illegal websites is considered as piracy. Note that if you get caught downloading illegal Ipod music, you will have to pay huge fines or end up in jail.

You should ask yourself if downloading one son is worth the risk of getting into trouble? The answer to this question is no and law enforcement agencies and record companies are getting better an dbetter finding people downloading illegal files.

There are several methods to get free music into your iPod Nano the legal way. One popular method is ripping audio CDs. What ripping means is you convert the audio files in the CD to MP3 format. A ripping software is required for this; you can easily find one online, in most cases for free. There is a lot of good ripping software out there that is free; just search for it on Yahoo or Google.

After ripping the audio CD files to MP3 format, the MP3 music data will be automatically stored in your computer's hard drive. You are almost done, the last step is connecting the Ipod to your Pc via the USB cable and transfer the files to your Ipod.

Another option is sharing Ipod Nano music with your friends and family. It's fun, it's easy and it is a great activity that you can do with your friends. And, yes, it's legal.

You will also see some legal ipod download websites that will be able to let you download iPod music for free. The bad news is that these sites are not completely free. You need to pay for membership or subscription to the website in order for you to access and download the files for free. You have to keep the difference in mind of pay per download sites and subscription based services. In pay per download, you will need to pay for every iPod music file you download. You should note that if it is a membership site you will in most cases only have to pay a onetime membership fee and after that you may download as many files as you can handle for free.

A word of advice: It is often very hard to find reputable and legal free iPod music Nano download websites. Once you find one, it is advisable that you stick with that website.

You should note that all illegal download sites will not tell you that they ar eillegal, of course not. To avoid breaking the law, you should keep these tips in mind. The most common signs of illegal music download websites include containing a lot of pop up advertising. It is a good idea to avoid websites like this, because it is most likely an illegal Ipod download service.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of methods to download free music for your iPod. It is just a matter of choosing the method that works for you the best. Remember these tips and you can be sure that the downloads you make will be safe and legal.

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